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Belgrade’s Craft Beer and Brewery Tour with E-Scooter

Serbia’s vivacious capital, Belgrade, invites you to discover its rich past, dynamic present, and delectable cuisine.

An E-Scooter Craft Beer & Brewery Tour is the ideal way to discover the city’s growing craft beer sector.

We will take you on a tour of Belgrade’s streets, where you’ll have the chance to sample top-notch craft brews, discover regional breweries, and take in the vibrant ambiance of this wonderful city.

E-scootering: The Ideal Combination of Fun and Convenience

Your introduction to your environmentally friendly, electric scooter kicks off your E-Scooter Craft Beer and Brewery Tour.

In addition to being a blast to ride, these nimble two-wheelers make it easy to move quickly through the city’s streets. Before beginning your exciting experience, you’ll receive a safety briefing and have some time to get comfortable with your e-scooter.

Examining the Craft Beer Scene in Belgrade

The craft beer industry in Belgrade is booming, with an increasing number of microbreweries producing a wide variety of beer flavors. While enjoying some of the best craft beers the city has to offer, you may discover it on this tour.

Our Stops Along the Way

As you cruise through Belgrade, you’ll make several stops at carefully selected craft breweries and beer-centric locations, each with its unique character and offerings:

  1. BIP Brewery: Your journey kicks off at the BIP Brewery, a renowned Serbian brewery that’s been producing exceptional beer for decades. Here, you’ll learn about the beer-making process, from brewing to bottling, and even have the opportunity to sample their finest brews.
  2. Dogma Brewery: Dogma Brewery is your next destination, where you’ll dive into the world of artisanal beers. Learn about their creative approach to brewing, taste their innovative beer creations, and discover what sets them apart from the rest.
  3. KC Grad: A Creative Hub: KC Grad, a cultural and creative hub in Belgrade, will introduce you to its artistic community and craft beer selection. This unique venue is a testament to Belgrade’s vibrant arts and culture scene, and you’ll have the chance to mingle with locals while savoring a craft beer.
  4. Rakia Bar: Traditional Flavors: Amid your craft beer exploration, you’ll stop by the Rakia Bar to savor traditional Serbian spirits. Rakia, a fruit brandy, is deeply rooted in Serbian culture, and you’ll experience its unique flavors during your visit.

Serbian Cuisine Sampler

You’ll have the chance to try traditional Serbian appetizers and dishes that go great with the beers as you explore Belgrade’s craft beer sector. Your taste senses will be tantalized by these culinary marvels, which will give you a complete gastronomic experience.

Belgrade’s Creative Spirit

Your E-Scooter Craft Beer and Brewery Tour is not just about beer; it’s a chance to dive into the heart of Belgrade’s creative and cultural scene. You’ll discover the city’s artistic soul and vibrant atmosphere as you explore the craft beer community and interact with locals and fellow travelers.

Why Choose the E-Scooter Craft Beer and Brewery Tour?

  1. Eco-Friendly Adventure: E-scooters are an environmentally friendly way to explore the city, reducing your carbon footprint as you move from one location to another.
  2. Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable guides are passionate about Belgrade’s craft beer scene and will provide fascinating insights and stories about the city’s culture and history.
  3. Taste the Best: This tour takes you to some of the city’s most renowned craft breweries and beer-centric locations, offering you the chance to savor a wide range of craft beers.
  4. Local Interactions: You’ll have the opportunity to meet and interact with locals, adding a personal touch to your experience.

Book Your Craft Beer Adventure Today

If you’re eager to explore Belgrade’s craft beer culture, embrace the city’s creative spirit, and experience the convenience and fun of E-scooter riding, the E-Scooter Craft Beer and Brewery Tour is the perfect adventure for you. It’s a journey that combines the best of Belgrade’s craft beer scene with the thrill of exploring the city on two wheels.

Click here to reserve your spot on this amazing adventure. Spaces are limited, so don’t pass up the chance to travel to Belgrade for a special craft beer and cultural adventure.

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